My Lexus NX – Avisha Jones

The Lexus NX luxury crossover is already a hit with customers, offering drivers the latest in safety advances and in-car technology in a striking package that performs brilliantly on the road. It’s luxurious without costing the earth, and with the NX 300h utilising the superb Lexus Hybrid Drive petrol-electric powertrain, it’s both economical and kinder to the environment.

For Avisha Jones, the changing requirements associated with family life meant that she needed a car that was “spacious, family-friendly, economical and ‘green'”, and the NX was the perfect fit. Additionally, its wide-ranging safety features are important to Avisha who is concerned, not only about the safety of her family, but also the safety of those around, particularly on the busy school run each day.

Avisha also explains that the benefit of the hybrid-powered NX 300h extends beyond the improved fuel economy and running costs. “Going for a ‘green’ car was important because…it set a very good example for us as a family.”

With a responsibility on us all to think about our personal use of the environment and its resources, this is another aspect where the NX wins out.

The NX is more than just a car for Avisha – it’s the reward for her hard work. The NX’s luxurious and generously-equipped interior matches its visually impressive exterior design, so it’s no wonder that she rhetorically asks: “Who doesn’t love being in a head-turning car?”

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