Lexus RX 450h Advance – the next level of luxury

As a consummate all-rounder, the Lexus RX 450h luxury SUV is hard to beat. Widely regarded as the all-weather Lexus, its construction and full hybrid powertrain has been designed to tackle everything from long-haul road trips and the punishing cold of the Arctic Circle to that most testing of circumstances, the urban school run.

Recently, however, Lexus has made this worldwide phenomenon even more appealing with the launch of a new Advance trim level. Slotting between Luxury and F Sport grades, RX 450h Advance models benefit from a host of unique styling features, such as a deeper front bumper with a stronger rendition of the distinctive spindle grille, darkened 19-inch seven-spoke alloy wheels, intelligent-adaptive headlights, and the option of a panoramic glass sunroof that bathes the leather interior in light.

This, of course, is in addition to the comprehensive equipment list and winning qualities that already define every RX: its dynamic power, generous interior space, and incredible economy.

The full hybrid powertrain of the RX 450h Advance officially returns 44.8mpg on the combined cycle and produces emissions of 145g/km – results that make it appealing for both business users and private buyers. Combining a 3.5-litre Atkinson cycle V6 petrol engine and a powerful electric motor, the unit produces a maximum of 295bhp, enabling the vehicle to sprint to 62mph in less than eight seconds. A second electric motor on the rear axle allows the system to deliver all-wheel drive performance when conditions require extra grip.

Available now, the RX 450h Advance is priced £48,495. There is a choice of six exterior colours: Velvet Black, Arctic Pearl (as seen in these images), Mercury Grey, Satin Silver, Celestial Black and Burgundy Red. These can be matched with ivory, light grey, black and saddle tan perforated leather in the cabin, all matched with a dark grey gloss inlay. A Protection Pack can be specified for the Advance, adding a boot liner, bumper protection plate, cargo net and rubber floor mats for £445.

To arrange a test drive, visit the designated RX section of the Lexus UK website.


  1. I bought my lexus rx450 h. Luxury as ex demonstrator in perlesant white approx. 15 months ago from Lexus Madrid .it was not until I had the car professionally detailed that pre purchase damage showed up after I had been assured that none had taken place yet various evidence showed to the contrary, overspray, even paper paint protection left in situe. In short I felt somewhat let down by this dealership and somewhat deceived .(not I think Lexus standard)
    Having said the above and used the car for 12 months + there is virtually nothing I could pick fault with other than one very important omission on the build. Why on earth was there no tyre pressure warning and puncture advisory indicator fitted? I had to find out the hard way which could have been dangerous. This is the only omission on what is clearly one of the best built products in the motor world and is a credit to the Lexus brand.I would appreciate feedback.
    Despite this I must say Lexus brand and models are brilliant and real value for money and I would not hesitate to recommend them against any competition .I have owned quality high end cars all my life, jaguar,Mercedes, BMW, Rolls Royce, Maserati etc, and still have my my original red
    E type V12 2+2 in my garage 1973 owned by me since then.
    I hope you find this constructive and would appreciate any info you have on Lexus in English please as my home is in Estepona, Southern Spain .
    Good luck for the future,
    Yours sincerely ,
    Malcolm D. Macpherson

    1. Hello Malcolm
      Thank you for your post and feedback regarding your experience of Lexus ownership.
      Firstly, we were sorry to learn of your observations after picking up your car, our recommendation in such circumstances would have been to contact to the dealer involved for further investigation plus you also have the option to take this matter up via Lexus Spain (each European distributor is responsible for the dealer network in their own country so they could also investigate this for you). However as you mention, a year has now elapsed.
      Turning to your point about tyre pressure warning system (TPWS), having checked with our product team this is not a feature that we currently offer on cars in the UK however it is coming. This is also in acknowledgement of the changes in UK law from November this year requiring that this specification become law. As a consequence we will be introducing this to the UK RX range over the next few months, so this will be addressed. Because specifications of cars across Europe will vary, we cannot say for sure whether this will apply to Spanish models but we can give you the details for Lexus Spain if you did want to get in touch with them?
      Finally we do appreciate your comments and ownership experience with Lexus particularly in view of the range of vehicles you have owned (and who doesn’t love E Types, a beautiful car).
      Thanks again and let us know if you need any assistance with Lexus Spain.

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