The Lexus RC F: Engineered for exhilaration [Video]

Elongated drifts, donuts and smoking tyres; this Lexus RC F video from Lexus Europe has the all of the ingredients that you’d expect from a video of a 5.0-litre V8 coupé blasting around a track.

But that tells only half of the story, as the video also adds beautiful close-ups of some of the typically Lexus design and technological flourishes that the RC F employs into the mix, adding further piquancy to the high performance car.

At the front, the car features our signature L-shaped LED daytime running lights, which debuted on the IS range in 2013, and are mounted independently from the main headlight cluster.

Quad, twin-stacked exhausts dominate the car’s rear and are fully operational, lending the RC F a distinctive, raspy note.

The instrumentation is of note. The dials are digital and ape those fitted to the revered LFA supercar aesthetically. As the film shows, an RC F Carbon appears in a small screen mounted to the left of the tachometer upon start up; the tachometer changes colour depending on which drive mode is selected and how far the driver descends through the powerband. The latter is show in the film at 0:57.

Filmed on a private circuit, the utmost safety precautions were taken during the making of this film. Please do not attempt to replicate some of the stunts that you see in the film on public roads.

Further information about the RC F range is available at the designated section of the Lexus UK website.

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