New Lexus LF-FC pictures revealed

The new 2016 Lexus LF-FC concept was unveiled for the first time in Europe today at a special press event in The Hague, Netherlands. This is ahead of its public reveal at the Geneva motor show on 1 March.

LF-FC 05

New Lexus LF-FC pictures

The visionary Lexus LF-FC concept heralds the arrival of a future flagship saloon, underlining our commitment to have a hydrogen fuel cell car in the range from around 2020. Its high-output powertrain offers all-wheel drive, and it incorporates new gesture control and automated technologies.

LF-FC 07

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Lexus believes the solutions to energy and emissions issues offered by the fuel cell vehicle make it the closest technology yet to the ultimate eco-car, with hydrogen providing an ideal, ultra-clean source of energy.

LF-FC 06

A hydrogen fuel cell achieves outstanding energy efficiency – about twice that available from current generation petrol and diesel engines – and emits only water, producing zero CO2, NOx and particulates. It not only saves energy and drives down costs, it also offers the convenience of a long driving range from a tank of fuel and a fill-up process that takes only about as long as for a conventionally powered vehicle.

LF-FC 04

In addition, a fuel cell powertrain gives an exceptionally quiet and smooth drive, with the bare minimum of noise and vibration, making it an ideal choice for the luxury automotive segment.

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LF-FC 02

Lexus intends to build on this existing fuel cell technology, further adapting it to ensure it delivers the kind of performance it envisions for a luxury flagship saloon.

LF-FC 01

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