New Lexus IS 2015 advert – Flow

This is the new Lexus IS advert for 2015. Called ‘Flow’, it is a follow-up to the stunning Poise commercial of 2013.

Flow sees gymnasts leap over and around an F Sport White IS 300h as it navigates through a monochromatic hangar-like space.

The car captures Lexus’ Amazing in Motion brand identity, leaving light trails as it passes through the picture. The gymnast’s movements are shot using a similar mise-en-scène as they perform their complex moves around the vehicle. Just like the gymnasts, the Lexus IS has an incredibly strong body for precise control.

Renowned French director Alex Courtes shot the Lexus IS 2015 advert at the Kortrijk Xpo, a huge convention centre in Belgium. His previous work includes directing Kasabian’s Shoot the Runner and U2’s Vertigo videos. He’s also directed for Paco Rabanne and Adidas.

All through the video is the thumping track called Hate or Glory, by French techno artist Gesaffelstein.

The gymnasts are Lucas Wilson, a professional freerunner who lives in Frankfurt and Christopher Lenoury, a champion French gymnast.

But of course, for us the star of the video is the Lexus IS. Just like Christopher, the Lexus IS is a true champion, its most recent award being Best Car in the Auto Express Driver Power 2015 survey.

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    1. Hi John
      Thanks for your post.
      You can buy the tune. The track is called Hate or Glory by Gesaffelstein and it is available on iTunes. Hope this helps.

  1. Ho lexus loving the look of the car but I would have thought of putting something else on the number plate in the advert instead of IS bearing in mind of the recent IS MURDERSOF British people in Tunisia . just a thought

    1. Hi Julie, thanks for your comment. The IS range has been available in the UK since 1999, long pre-dating the issues you refer to. Furthermore, IS stands for Intelligent Sport and is in no way connected or related to those activities. Thanks again for reaching out to us.

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