Lexus Hoverboard: Motivation and evolution

Achievement of the seemingly impossible has been a hallmark of Lexus initiatives from the outset of the brand. The desire to push the boundaries of design and engineering on behalf of the customer is a motivating force within every department.

As we have seen from the Lexus Hoverboard project – the fourth chapter in our ongoing Amazing in Motion campaign – the creativity this attitude fosters is not limited to vehicles. It has even made this futuristic flight of fancy become a jaw-dropping reality.

Watch the video below to hear Atsushi Takada and Yolande Waldock from Lexus International explain the motivation behind this latest project.

Based on their decades of experience, our Takumi craftsmen recognise that difficult tasks take time to master, whereas impossible ones simply take a little longer. How was this evident in the Lexus Hoverboard project? Watch the short video below to better understand how the engineering evolved.

Please return to the blog over the next few days as we release further Lexus Hoverboard content. Among this will include details of the testing phase, as well as an extended video documentary feature that proves how right those Takumi craftsmen are about the achieving of so-called ‘impossible’ projects.

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