Lexus Announces Recall Of The Lexus RX 400h

Lexus has announced a recall of its RX 400h luxury crossover model to check a potential issue with the soldering of an electric component. The action affects 3,997 vehicles in the UK manufactured between 2004 and 2006; it does not involve the current RX 450h model.

Lexus is working with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) to contact registered RX 400h owners and keepers to inform of the procedure for taking their vehicle to an authorised Lexus centre for the necessary repair work to be undertaken. It is also giving advice on how to reduce the risk of a problem occurring.

Should a repair be required, the job should take no longer than four hours to complete, and it will be done free of charge.

Should the vehicle suffer a malfunction due to the soldering issue, the driver will be alerted by warning lights and messages on the dashboard. The RX 400h will automatically go into its fail-safe driving mode, which allows it to be driven safely but at reduced power and speed.

There have no reports of any accidents in connection with this issue, anywhere in the world.

You can check whether your RX 400h is affected by this recall action here.

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