Ideal Home Show visitors share their thoughts on Lexus range

Lexus returns as the principal automotive sponsor for the Ideal Home Shows this year. The first of the three shows has just come to a close at London’s Earl’s Court.

We headed down to the show to see what visitors thought about the recently launched CT 200h compact hatchback, and the rest of our exciting range of cars on display.

Lexus-IdealHome-11 (590x394)

Northampton-based retirees Alan and Frances Bird, aged 63 and 61 respectively, were enchanted by the bold looks of the CT 200h in F Sport trim.

Alan said: “I’ve always wondered about Lexus – I’m really tempted (by the CT). Before I came to the Ideal Home Show I was considering a Volvo, but this has made me think again. The colour coordination is excellent, and if it’s as reliable as my Toyota I’d be very tempted. If you asked me what I think about Lexus I’d say high quality, but executive – I wouldn’t have thought family car until now.”

Frances added: “Now we’re retired we’re looking to get a new car. I’m not usually too fussed about cars, but this really caught my eye – it’s beautiful. I like the contours on the bonnet, and inside it’s tidy and uncluttered. The centre console is very neat; it doesn’t look garish, the colours are soft. It’s beautiful – I’m quite shocked. I love it, it’s really gorgeous!”

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Mark Knight, a 50-year-old IT manager from London, spoke of his long-standing affinity for Lexus interiors, saying: “I’ve always like the look of old Lexus’ and I love the new IS. The CT has a nice, neat console – I’ve always liked Lexus interiors. It’s a sexy-looking thing at the front.”

Lexus-IdealHome-12 (590x394)

The low running costs, ornate interior, and dynamic front-end styling, were the CT 200h Advance’s main attractions for 26-year-old events manager, Chandra Wallard, of North London. She said: “It’s a very nice looking. If I was to go for another car I would go for a hybrid because it’s the future. I love the suede seats – they’re really feminine! I like the daytime running lights and the grille looks good. The price is good too – all new cars are £15K plus nowadays.”

Lexus-IdealHome-2 (590x394)

Beautician Sherry Scott, 37, and from Kent, was charmed by the look of the IS 300h compact executive saloon, and said: “I like the colour, and the black wheels. I like the interior, and the styling is very modern.”

Lexus-IdealHome-8 (590x394)

The GS 300h executive saloon caught the eye of 73-year-old retiree Peter Cabham, of Surrey, who said: “I like the styling, it’s different, and the interior is lovely – really classy. It looks like a good daily driver, no doubt.”

Lexus-IdealHome-7 (590x398)

Faith Obae, a 25-year-old model from London was a fan of the RX 450h compact crossover’s cabin, and was intrigued by the hybrid technology under the skin. She said: “I think it’s very comfy and I like the driving position; there’s lots of legroom. You’re educating me about hybrid here! It’s different.”

Lexus-IdealHome-5 (590x394)

Lexus RX 400h owner Janetta Beale, 49, and from Surrey, extolled the virtues of hybrid, as well as the gadget-leaden cabin of the CT, saying: “I’ve never looked at the CT before but it looks lovely, and inside there are lots of gadgets. Our family has an RX 400h – hybrids are amazing, the amount of money you save is phenomenal.”

Lexus-IdealHome-4 (590x394)

For 68-year-old retiree Ray Tolhurst, of Kent; the CT 200h’s styling, and fact that it’s a hybrid, were highlights. He said: “I like the look of the car, the styling is very nice. I haven’t driven a hybrid before but would like to.”

Lexus-IdealHome-10 (590x394)

Granville Montgomery, 49, and a customer service assistant from London, was bewitched by just about every part of the IS 300h, telling us: “The IS is a nice car – beautiful in fact. My favourite parts of it are the interior, the exterior, and the rims – it’s all my favourite in fact! I love everything about this car.”

Lexus-IdealHome-13 (590x394)

Company director, Simon Payne, 37, and from Kent, was won over by the flexibility of the RX 450h, telling us: “I love the car. I love that it’s four-wheel drive because I’ve got kids, and from a business point of view having that extra flexibility is great. Inside, it feels clean, and there aren’t to many buttons.”

You can find out more about all of the models in the Lexus range on the Lexus UK website. More information about Lexus’ involvement with the Ideal Home Show, and the other events that we’re involved in this year is available here.

If you would like to get behind the wheel of any one of our cars, leave a comment below, stating your model of interest, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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