Golf tips from the tour with PGA professional Andrew Murray

We decided to ask PGA professional golfer, coach and BBC pundit Andrew Murray for some golf tips to help you get back into the swing of things and putting like a pro. So, the 1989 European Open Champion loaded his golf clubs into his luxurious seven-seat Lexus RX L and headed to Lymm Golf Club in Cheshire.

Golf Tips

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Golf tips: The Bradshaw Drill

Andrew says: “Players tend to focus more on the line of the putt rather than pace, but speed is more important in my eyes. The Bradshaw Drill, named after a famous Irish golfer, will help you master this key skill. Remember to keep the bottom half of your body still and grip secure, but not tight. You’ll be surprised at how difficult it is.”

Golf tips: Escaping the bunker

Andrew says: “A lot of players are intimidated by a greenside bunker shot, but there’s no need to be. First of all, it’s really important you’ve got a good club. The key to this is to try and splash the parcel of sand onto the putting surface from just behind the ball. Practice the tips in this video and you’ll be able to make some great escapes.”

Golf tips: Using a hybrid club

Andrew says: “It’s really important to assess the lie of the ball and choose the correct club and shot for your skillset. When the lie is tricky, a chip-and-run using a hybrid club is an option that can often be overlooked. For me, it’s a bit of a gamechanger and this relatively simple shot can get you out of all sorts of trouble.”

Golf tips: The putter gate

Andrew says: “It’s probably the simplest putting drill of all, but I’ve seen all the best players using it, including Tiger Woods. It really helps you get a great feel for releasing the putter down the target line and will also help you stop pulling putts wide, which of course can make the difference between winning and losing.”

Golf tips: Mastering the pitch shot

Andrew says: “A pitch shot over the bunker can be really intimidating to some people. The key here is to try and get the feeling that you are throwing the ball underarm towards your target. Master this simple technique and you’ll be taking pitch shots in your stride.”


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