Lexus RC F GT3 racer – first pictures

The Lexus RC F GT3 concept is set to make its world debut at the Geneva motor show next week – but we’ve already got an exclusive first look at it.

Shot at a secret location in Europe, these images give an impression of just how imposing the RC will look when it lines up on the grid of GT3 races from 2015. The white paintwork graphics allow a clear look at the body modifications including super-wide arches, low front apron and multiple air cooling vents, while the hologram-style ‘RC F’ and Lexus logos leave no doubt as to its identity.

The no-nonsense racer has been jointly developed by Lexus International and its subsidiary Techno Craft, and built by the latter in Japan. The RC F GT3 concept is based on the new RC F coupe, the most powerful V8 performance car yet developed by Lexus.

At 4705mm long, 2000mm wide, 1270mm high and with a wheelbase of 2730mm, the RC F GT3 concept is wider and lower that the standard RC F, yet, with the interior stripped to racing specification, weighs just 1,250kg.

A modified version of the RC F’s V8 engine develops 532bhp.

The launch of the RC F GT3 concept marks the start of a long-term commitment to GT3 racing by Lexus. Testing will begin this year, with a view to supporting sports car racing teams participating in 2015 GT3 racing categories.

Like the look of this? Take a look at the RC F GT 500 which is set to start racing in Japan.

You should also see out new images of the RC F Sport.

Lexus RC F GT3


  1. Hi,

    I have already pre-ordered my new Lexus IS300H Premier, in Celestial Black with Ivory Leather and a Sunroof on the 7th March 2013.

    As there is not a full brochure out yet, listing all the options and features etc, I am a little unsure as to exactly what FULL specification I will be getting. I have the ‘taster’ brochure, but no models / features / full specs are in this.
    So, my 20 questions are as follows, all relate to the IS300h Premier UK Spec.

    1) What is the insurance group rating?
    2) Has the electrically adjustable stering column got memory settings? and does it move back and forward every time you turn the car on and off like the GS
    3) When will the FULL brochure be available?
    4) Will it come with LDA / AHB as shown on the website?
    5) Does the Tyre pressure monitoring system actually display the pressure of each of the 4 tyres or just a warning light?
    6) What is the maximum capacity of the SD memory card used for music storage on the Mark Levinson system?
    7) Will it have LED Fog lights front and rear?
    8) Will the PCS / ACC be available as an option?
    9) Have both the front seats got memory settings or just the drivers seat?
    10) Can the electrostatic climate control sliders / switches be operated when wearing driving gloves?
    11) Will I be able to test drive an IS300h Premier (a must) prior to taking delivery of my own vehicle?
    12) Will other inlays be available (i.e. bamboo) instead of Grey gloss wood trim?
    13) What has been the maximum EV only range during testing?
    14) Is the steering wheel heated?
    15) What is the maximum miles per full tank that has been achieved?
    16) When will demonstrator cars be available for test drives?
    17) I have heard rumours of a soon to be announced free extended 2 year warranty on Lexus Hybrid cars, is that true? and would that apply to my pre-ordered IS300h?
    18) What connected services will be available in the UK?
    19) Do the two supplied keyfobs give different seat / door mirror / steering column (?) memory settings?
    (20) What has been the maximum / typical MPG in real life driving?

    Just a small comment about your social network media etc. I am not on Facebook, and never will be, but to see ALL of the features on the official UK Lexus facebook page you have to be logged in to facebook. I can access everything on this blog and on your twitter page and on your youtube page without signing up or logging in, so could you possibly change your settings on your facebook to make it ALL visible to everyone without having to sign up or log in to facebook?
    For example today, you created an event about the IS300h roadshow at Wolverhampton, but when clicking on the event link ‘See the new IS’ to see further information, you have to log in.

    Looking forward to your reply


    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your questions, we’ll aim to address these all as soon as we can.
      With regards to our social media channels. We’re delighted that you utilise our online spaces. Regarding Facebook, when not logged in you can view most of the content however you won’t have full access to our page, this is something set by Facebook over which we have no control. For this you’d have to have a basic account.
      We’ll be back in touch shortly.

    2. Michael,
      Answers as follows:
      1. The insurance group is yet to be announced.
      2. This feature is available on the F Sport (with leather) and Premier.
      3. The brochure is currently being finalised and should be available late June.
      4. No, it won’t come with these features.
      5. We do not have confirmation of this yet, but should do soon. We can let you know.
      6. Again, we haven’t yet sourced this detailed information. We will further to our technical team for a response.
      7. All models will have LED rear fog lights. Only on the F Sport will there be front LED fog lights.
      8. PCS / ACC isn’t available as an option.
      9. Just the drivers seat has memory settings.
      10. This should be fine, may depend on the specific material of the gloves.
      11. Demonstrator vehicles will be available in Centres as of 12th July.
      12. No alternative inlays are available.
      13. We don’t have this information however we’ll contact technical to discuss further.
      14. The steering wheel is not heated.
      15. We don’t currently have this information.
      16. As per 11. Demonstrators will be available as of 12th July.
      17. We’ve not heard yet at HQ but will check with the lead in the department organising this.
      18. Yes, they are available with many being developed as we speak.
      19. The keys open and lock the car and open the boot.
      20. This is dependant on driving style.
      We do hope this helps. Thanks again for your questions!

  2. Question one relates to Michael’s question 17…..I also ordered my IS300h in early March looking forward to July delivery, but Lexus have recently added Mark Levinson to the Satnav option. I decided I wanted it but have been told my car will have to be re-ordered. So i now will not get mine until end of August. Bitterly disppointed about that. So my question is will these late changes mean that those of us who put our faith and committment in ordering early are going to lose out? My feeling at the moment is I wish I hadn’t bothered ordering early as I have not received much understanding. Not really what i expected from Lexus.

    Question 2: I have kept my IS250 F Sport rims with the intension of using them with winter tyres on my new IS300h. Are the rim sizes and offset similar enough on the new car such that I can do this?

    Question 3: in the U.S. a fleet of IS’s having been driven down the east coast visiting many dealerships. Is this initiative likely to happen here? If so those committed buyers like Michael, me and others could receive a special invitation to see what they are buying.

    BTW, looking forward to reading answers to all of Michael’s other questions.


    1. Hello Rob,
      Many thanks for your questions and apologies for our somewhat delayed reply.
      Initial vehicle orders were made with the factory without Mark Levinson, these are the vehicles that will arrive in the UK first. Customer feedback suggested the New IS lacked an option for Mark Levinson, we addressed this by putting in a new request for F Sport. These vehicles weren’t in the first month of production, hence why your New IS won’t be available until August. You are able to change your order without loosing out but will, unfortunately, have to wait a little bit longer.
      We’ve been keeping tabs on the US road trip and even though a similar event won’t be taking place in the UK, Lexus Centres will be receiving their demo models as of 12th July. We recommend speaking directly with them to book yourself in to be one of the first to drive.
      We’ll follow up with your questions regarding rims. Think it’ll be fine but we’ll get word from Lexus Technical.
      Many thanks.

      1. Hi Oliwer, thanks for your reply to my 20 questions.

        Until i read the posts on this blog thread, I did not know that Mark Levinson was an option on the F-Sport, so I assume that the vast majority would not know either. On your website,, it is not shown as an option when viewing either the IS300h or IS350 Options.

        Is it possible that other options are available for the IS300h Premier that we, the public, don’t know about? Could you please list on this blog the FULL range of options available for each model as your website is incomplete at present.

        I ordered my IS300h Premier in March, so I would not be too happy if further options are now available to order.

        Many thanks


        1. Hi Michael,
          Thank you for your comments, we have passed this to the web team who’ve ensured me they’ll update the website.
          Further to our previous posts, the only other option that has changed is that we will be offering AVS on IS 300h.
          These two options will be updated on the website shortly.
          Please do ask here on the blog if you’ve questions and we also recommend keeping in touch with your Centre as they’ll also be able to assist you.
          Many thanks and kind regards.

          1. Hi again,

            Is the AVS available for the IS300h Premier that I have ordered?



          2. Hi Michael,
            We’re going to pass your details to our Customer Relations team who’ll follow up with you. They’ll liaise with your Centre to discuss your order and the ensure they can help you as much as possible with your queries.
            A member of the team will be in touch shortly.
            Many thanks and kind regards, have a good bank holiday weekend.

          3. Oliwer,

            I am following Michael’s questions as I too have pre-ordered. I had to re-order to have MarkLev with Nav. so will have to wait until end Aug (instead of mid July)

            My dealer told me 1st week in April that AVS definitely would NOT be available. Now you are saying it is.

            I share Michael’s concerns that us pre-ordering customer’s are likely to miss out.

            It is imperative we get the updated list of options made available. And if our dealers are aware of these they should have got in touch with us, because I haven’t been told any of this, (apart from Mark Levinson).

            Please get somebody in Customer Relations on the case and get in touch with us. I asked many weeks ago why pre-ordered customers had not been considered when these options were changing.

            Regards, Bob

          4. Hi Rob,
            Thanks again for your comments.
            We’ve passed your posts to Customer Relations as we understand they are in contact with you currently. They will continue to liaise with you and continue to address your queries.
            Many thanks, wishing you a good, long weekend.

  3. Hi again Oliwer,

    Two questions for you.

    Have you got a reply to my previous question:-
    Is the AVS available for the IS300h Premier that I have ordered?

    Also, when i asked a question above

    4) Will it come with LDA / AHB as shown on the website?

    and you replied

    4. No, it won’t come with these features.

    So why are Lexus UK on their official youtube site

    showing a video entitled “New Lexus IS Safety Features”

    which clearly shows that the new IS has LDA and AHB ??

    This is confusing / misleading for your customers

    Also your website has not been updated with the Mark Levinson option, or the AVS option



    1. Hi Michael,
      We’ve been speaking with Customer Relations about your questions and they are investigating the mis-information that you’ve raised.
      We’re sorry that the information hasn’t been clear, we’re getting the finer details confirmed from our European offices which is currently in progress.
      Having followed this up personally with Customer Relations on your behalf, I can say that you’ll be contacted next week to discuss your comments.
      Apologies, once again, for any confusion which is not what we wanted, you’re in good hands with the Customer Relations team, who’ll speak with you next week.
      May we wish you a good, long weekend and trust all’s clear as of next week.

    2. Oliwer, (in support of Michael),

      I too am frustrated by this lack of clear and up to date options. Today I have posted a copy of a comment by Matt Saunders of Autocar to my dealer who said…

      Matt Saunders
      3 days 8 hours ago
      Lexus UK product press officer has just confirmed that AVS will be available in Britain, but on the IS 300h in F Sport trim only. Late decision by Lexus, apparently – if that explains any confusion. Worth having IMHO. Improves both handling and ride.

      Based on this I called customer relations on Friday morning and they still did not know. My dealer checked the ordering system this morning (Saturday) and AVS does not show as an option. As I said before, I have already had to re-order my F Sport to have Mark Levinson with Navigation, which has lost me 6 weeks of delivery. If I find AVS is available and affordable I will have to re-order again. losing how much time this time.

      At the moment I do not agree we are in good hands, as I have been trying to bottom this issue for week now.

      I ask again, WHAT ABOUT TAKING CARE OF PRE_ORDERING CUSTOMERS affected by these late changes.

      Regards, Rob

  4. Oliwer,

    Further to my inquiry about AVS, (which may be of interest to Michael), I have just picked up the appended reply from Autocar’s comments list following the IS300h report…Now we need to know how much and if I wanted it will I have to re-order again, putting my delivery even further back)?

    And finally could I respectfully request an urgent reply, as I have heard nothing from Customer Support – very disappointing.


    AVS availability on IS 300h
    3 hours 26 min ago [approx 10:00 on May 29)
    For those confused about the availability of AVS:

    As Matt confirmed, a late decision was made to offer AVS as an option on F Sport models in the UK. This was after feedback from some early driving events that were conducted.

    Nik Pearson

    Press Relations Manager, Lexus GB

    1. Hello Rob,
      We raised your previous comments with Customer Relations and they will be in touch with you this week to discuss further.
      We’ll be sure to pass on this message too and leave it to CR to respond, as they are gathering all up-to-date information for you.
      Apologies in any delay, we are working to get an accurate response to you.
      Many thanks.

    2. Hi Rob,

      Looks like AVS option is only available on F-Sport models (booh) which is no use to me as I have pre-ordered the IS300h Premier.

      I have sent a long email to customer services listing my concerns about options and full specifications, such as PCS, AHB, LDA which according to a toyota corporate media press release they are ‘fitted, as standard’

      Will update you Rob when i get a reply


    3. Hi Rob,

      I have just had a reply back from CR.

      AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension system) & Sport + driving mode £750
      (Only available when specified with Lexus premium navigation)

      Pre-Collision System (PCS), Automatic High Beam (AHB) & Lane Departure Alert (LDA) are NOT available in the UK, very dissapointed.


      1. Sorry to hear that Michael. I am still waiting to hear back if I order AVS will I have to re-order a third time. When I pre-ordered March 7th, I was hoping to get my car by mid July, now it’s looking like mid October.
        Maybe it will be seen as my fault for wanting these late additions but who would have expected these changes. I found the same with Honda, every other market seems to get better options than us. It makes you wonder who makes these decisions for UK market.
        Although I don’t expect to be in a position to pre-order in the future, I certainly regret doing this now. It would not have felt so bad if Customer relations had took a lead to contact pre-ordering customers, but everything we have needed to know we have had to chase them, but still I haven’t been contacted about my order.


        1. Hi Rob,
          The decision on which specifications to offer on our vehicles is determined by the optimal balance between maximising content, and minimising retail prices. In order to achieve competitive retail prices we do extensive consumer research on the most popular features to include in our product offering in each market we operate. This inevitably means that some features will not be offered in every market. Final UK specification has been driven by results of customer research.
          The Pan-European press release features all the specifications available for selection by each individual European market. For practical reasons it does not mention the specific market-by-market specifications of each of the EU-27 countries covered by Lexus Europe.
          The UK press release mentions the exact specifications available in our market. We firmly believe that the New IS offers the best balance of spec and price in the segment in which it competes.
          Many thanks.

          1. Although AHB and lane departure will not be available, how would I go about obtaining the system from lexus in another country and getting my local garage in the uk to fit it for me? Given the mark up on the premier I would have expected this to come as standard.

          2. Hello Paul,
            You’d be welcome to contact Lexus in another country to discuss obtaining additional options. However, we’d recommend starting closer to home and speaking with your nearest Lexus Centre, they may well be able to assist you further.
            We hope this helps, many thanks.

          3. Oliwer,
            Just wanted to say thank you for your assistance and support regarding the additional options that arose on the IS. Without the answers you provided I could not have made the decisions to include AVS on my F Sport. Although I have to accept a combined two month delay on delivery I would rather have exactly the car I want than have it sooner with a compromised spec.

            Regarding your response to my last note, I accept the principles of EU market differences, but from my investigations only the UK did not offer AVS on F sport and I am not aware of anything a UK car has that an EU car has not. Also I thought that the new Lexus IS was intended to shake up the market with its “sporty” appeal, shaking off Lexus’ staid image.

            I am not a petrol head but I enjoy the driving experience. I am 68 but young at heart but nobody has ever asked me my opinion, but if they did I would say I am really excited by this new IS, especially now they have offered full options, so somebody must have got it a bit wrong. So thank you again for finding answers and guiding me in the right direction.

          4. Rob,
            It’s my pleasure to help.
            We’re absolutely delighted that you’ve a new IS ordered, you’ll be among a club of first owners in the UK. It’s a truly special car and marks a new era for Lexus and we hope that you have a great experience each time you get behind the wheel.
            Although a slight delay in delivery, it’ll be worth the wait.
            Many thanks and do enjoy the rest of your week.

          5. Dear Lexus,

            My pre-ordered IS300h Premier is my first Lexus. It is a private purchase, and I intend to keep it for 8 years, so that’s the reason for me selecting the top of the range Premier, with sunroof, as I want it to have ALL options to make it an enjoyable and safe car for myself and my family for years to come.

            I don’t mind paying extra for PCS / ACC and AHB / LDA options
            I don’t mind waiting a couple of months if I have to re-order my car so that it has these options
            I DO mind if these options were to become available after I take delivery of my car.

            I understand that I am just one customer, who would like these options, but I don’t understand why they are not available on the new IS in the UK when you can get, in the UK, the PCS / ACC on the CT, GS, RX, and LS and you can get the AHB / LDA on the GS, RX and LS?
            You can even get the PCS / ACC on the Toyota Prius !!, but not on the IS !! Crazy !!

            Is it at all possible, as a special order maybe?, for me to get these two options?, as they are EU type approved etc, and we are in the EU.
            Or better still, for Lexus UK to make these available as options in the UK, and let their customers decide if they wish to order them or not, at least they will then have a choice like the rest of Europe.

            If I can not order a car with these options, can they be fitted afterwards?
            If, as it stands now without those options, I take delivery of my car, and then you make those options available in the UK, what would Lexus UK be prepared to do with regards to exchanging my car?



          6. Michael,
            In order to follow up with you, a Specialist from Lexus would like to personally contact you to discuss your comments further.
            We trust that all of your points will be addressed and very much hope this helps.
            Kind regards.

          7. Michael,
            Having taken into account your requirements, and this has only this morning been confirmed (to be passed to Centres later today), we will make available LDA, AHB, ACC and PCS to UK customers. These options will be part of ‘one package’ and are only available as an option on the Premier grade, costing £1,540 inc VAT. We will be in touch with your Lexus Centre to discuss the addition these options later today, with this package available to order as of tomorrow.
            If you do have any other queries, then please do get in touch, otherwise may we suggest liaising with your Centre who’ll help you with the finer details. Please note, we are communicating this change to the Centres later today, so please do allow time for this information to filter through to the members of your Centre.
            Many thanks and may we wish you a good weekend.

      1. Hi Paul,
        Many thanks for the post.
        INRIX is standard for New IS with Lexus Premium Navi. Do speak with your Centre also as they’ll be able to assist further.
        Many thanks.

  5. Hi Oliwer,

    That’s great news about the PCS/ACC and AHB/LDA options being made available, and at a very reasonable cost too.
    I will contact my centre and advise.
    Many thanks for all your help about this, and please pass on thanks to Julian too.


    Michael O’Hare

  6. Good morning,

    A question about the EV mode in the new IS300h

    I have downloaded the latest brochure GBNGL-613IS-VB from the uk lexus site

    And on page 16 it states:-

    Start up, driving off
    When starting off, the electric motor propels the IS 300h up to around 40mph, with electric power being supplied from the hybrid battery. At this point the saloon is almost silent, uses no petrol and produces zero emissions


    Normal driving conditions
    At speeds above 40mph the petrol engine cuts in, almost silently, but still receives assistance from the electric motor when required. Through the near perfect distribution of its dual power
    sources, Lexus Hybrid Drive provides exceptional driving comfort – together with lower emissions and fuel consumption

    So my question is this, is the 40mph as stated correct? as in my wifes Auris Hybrid the EV mode cuts out when you go above about 25mph.

    Also, what is the typical EV only range on a full battery?

    If the IS300h can drive up to 40mph on EV, then that is fantastic.



    1. Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your questions.
      You’re quite right, the brochure states that the IS 300h can be driven in EV mode at speeds up to 40mp/h. The car is capable of achieving this however, it will be dependent on the style of driving and the environment. Similar to your wife’s Auris Hybrid, if there is enough charge in the battery the car will be able to pull away from a stand-still in near-silence with zero tailpipe emissions. In the Lexus IS, like all of our hybrids, when you demand more from the throttle, the petrol engine will seamlessly turn on and deliver power. If the conditions are right, you’ll be able to drive the new IS up to 40mph in EV mode.
      The EV range will vary, again due to the many factors that affect driving, however we think approximately 2km (1.2miles) is achievable in electric only driving.
      Many thanks for your questions and do let us know if we can help further.
      Kind regards.

  7. Hi my partner has a 2011 lexus is. He showed me indicator lights that run back and forth instead of flashing. It’s his birthday coming up and I can’t find them anywhere. Can you give me somewhere in the UK that I can buy them from and have them delivered. Thanks

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Thanks for your post. These accessories sound like aftermarket products. We would advise contacting your local Lexus centre. They will be able to help with this query and take this further. Many thanks.

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