Excitement explained: Lexus RC F in biometrics test

There are a load of car reviews out there that will offer up an opinion on what the new Lexus RC F is like to drive, but here’s something different… A car review that reveals what you actually feel when you drive the RC F.

The experiment was run by US TV show, Translogic. In the video below, host Jonathon Buckley is hooked up to a suite of gadgets and gizmos that monitor his heart, lungs and even his brain as he takes the new RC F around the 2-mile Palm Beach International Raceway in Florida.

The monitoring tech is impressive. Jonathon wears a vest made by Hexoskin which is packed with sensors that measures the heart and respiration rate via a specially programmed app.

And that’s not all, Jonathon also wears a headset made by Emotiv that picks up electrical fluctuations in his brain, measuring emotional responses and attention levels.

Jonathon had to take part in a control experiment too – to drive around the circuit in an everyday car to get a base level with which to compare the RC F.

Needless to say it was the RC F that delivered the biggest thrill, with Jonathon concluding; “That was intense, and awesome! All at the same time…”

Lexus RCF Track 3

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