Amazing In Motion: Swarm

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The latest release in Lexus’s Amazing In Motion series seems so implausible at first sight that it got many people thinking it was completely computer-generated. But that is not the case.

Swarm is a project that set out to push the boundaries of design, technology and movement. Indeed, some of the things you see in the film were not possible until the Lexus team and its partners at KMel Robotics sat down to actually develop the technology behind the movement of these electronic ‘creatures’.

Quadrotor 02

The idea is based on themes reminiscent of Toy Story and The Nutcracker, whereby a swarm of mischievous quadrotors emerge while everybody else is asleep to play and explore their surroundings.

However, behind the science fiction and polished cinematography was a crew of people that wrote virtual mapping algorithms, set up control motion sensor guidance systems, and built LFA-inspired 3D printed components that formed the aerodynamic bodies of the quadrotors.

Quadrotor 04

“It was about matching this amazing technology with Lexus design principles,” commented Sam Brown, Director. So the team subtly referenced distinctive features within the lightweight helicopter bodies, such as the spindle grille, headlights and exhaust outlets of various Lexus models. They also worked hard to display the inner workings, give the robots a ‘face’, and animate them in such a way that they displayed boisterous, child-like personalities.

Quadrotor 06

The transposing of human characteristics into technology is something that Lexus and parent company Toyota Motor Corporation is investing heavily in, believing that future technology cannot be successful until it creates an emotional response or feeling within the user. In so doing, it takes products that could be cold and impersonal and elevates them into something that gives meaning.

Quadrotor 03

Essentially, the purpose of Swarm is to tell a story about grace and agility, interaction and character, technology and emotion – qualities Lexus works hard to integrate into all of its vehicles.

Quadrotor 05

See what you think by watching the official Swarm film at the top of this post, and the following three documentaries that explain how it was produced.

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  1. Amazing work and I loved it. It kind of reminds me of Batteries not included too, any
    rotoscoping used at all?

    1. Hi Gavin
      Thanks for your post and glad you like the film.
      We have a “behind the scenes” film and to find out more head over to our blog:
      I hope this will answer your rotoscoping question but let us know if otherwise.
      Hope this helps.

  2. Hi

    I was wondering if it is possible to buy quadrotors, one which is shown in your videos.

    Thanks for your attention.

    1. Hi Ricardo,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Lexus is planning to make available a similar product, however this isn’t yet finalised. When we have more information, we’ll post on the blog so do stay tuned!
      Many thanks and kind regards.

  3. When will this product be released to public purchase? It looks amazing, I love Lexus technology. Currently driving a GS450H and its an amazing ride.

    1. Hi Dan
      Thanks for your post.
      Lexus is looking at introducing a similar product in the future but nothing has yet been finalised. We will be sure to post on our Blog the moment we hear something though. Good to hear your feedback about your GS 450h.

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