Lexus LS: evidence of Omotenashi

Lexus believes that creating new standards of luxury is not simply a matter of adding more equipment features and technologies. Our aim is to produce progressive luxury that welcomes and cares for the vehicle’s occupants, anticipating their needs and enabling the driver to feel perfectly connected to the car.

This approach is inspired by Omotenashi, which encompasses the finest principles of traditional Japanese hospitality.

With regard to the Lexus LS, the influence of Omotenashi begins with a welcome sequence as the driver approaches the vehicle. Meanwhile, meticulous attention to detail ensures every occupant is provided with the most comfortable, safe and relaxing environment possible.

Lexus LS: premium access

The air suspension in some LS models provides a premium accesss function, which automatically raises the normally low-slung saloon by 40mm to present the seats at an ideal 555mm hip height when the vehicle is unlocked. Once all occupants are on board and the hybrid system is switched on, the car returns to its regular ride height. The same convenience is made when the car is parked and a door is opened for someone to exit.

Further preparation for arrival is provided for the driver and front passenger, with the outer cushion bolster of each seat opening out and the seat belt holder extending by 50mm when the front doors are opened. The driver’s seat also rises and optimises its longitudinal position for easy access. All elements then return to their most supportive positions when the doors are closed.

Cabin lighting adds to the sense of welcome, with illumination inspired by the soft glow of traditional Japanese Andon lanterns. Light sources are located behind the door trim panels and armrest, giving indirect, downward illumination that creates a sense of spaciousness.

Lexus LS: seat design

The driver’s seat is available with 28-way power and pneumatic adjustment, including controls to adapt support for the back, pelvis and hips. Its design allows people of all shapes and sizes find their ideal position at the wheel and feel at one with the car.

The multi-function touchscreen in the rear centre armrest console is used to precisely control the position of the rear seats, as well as audio, climate, sunshade and interior lighting functions. The rear seats are available with best-in-class 22-way adjustment, including back, hip and pelvis support, and ottoman leg-rest extension.

There are three pre-set seat positions: Business, which is the default; Entertain, which reclines the seat for comfortable viewing of the entertainment monitor; and Relax, which extends the leg ottoman, reclines the seatback to a class-leading 48 degrees and moves the front passenger seat to provide maximum legroom. The seat automatically returns to its default position when the rear door is opened, allowing an easy and comfortable exit.

Lexus LS: Shiatsu massage functions

Lexus consulted Japanese Shiatsu experts to help design new massage systems for the front and rear seats that provide the right degree and location of thumblike pressure to help the occupant relax.

The front seats of some models offer five separate massage courses, working with a centripetal or centrifugal action, or focusing on the lumber, upper and lower body regions.

The rear seat massage function has seen its operating area expand to cover the occupant’s thighs as well as back. In a world-first, the system includes two spot heaters for the shoulder and lower back to provide targeted heat stimulation in conjunction with the Shiatsu massage. Multiple setting options let the user tailor the massage sequence to suit their preference.

Lexus LS: Climate Concierge

Lexus has succeeded in engineering a more compact yet no less efficient climate control system to support the highest levels of on-board comfort. The reduced size helped secure the car’s low bonnet line and low centre of gravity, while the separate rear air conditioning system has also been made smaller so there is less impact on luggage space in the boot.

Providing co-ordinated and efficient control of the air conditioning, seat heating and ventilation, and heated steering wheel is the Climate Concierge system. It uses an infra-red matrix sensor to monitor 13 zones across the interior, including the body temperature of all occupants. This allows fine control of heating and cooling, taking into account factors such as uneven heating caused by low-level sunlight through the windows.

Lexus LS: powered boot lid

The new LS is available with a power-operated boot lid that can be opened and closed hands-free, using a kick-sensor beneath the rear bumper. When carrying luggage, or wanting to avoid touching the car’s bodywork, the user only needs to have the smart key on their person, stand within the sensor’s range, and pass their foot under the bumper.

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