10 amazing facts about the new Lexus LS

The new Lexus LS launches to UK press today, Wednesday 21 November 2012, and we’ll let you know exactly what they say as their reviews are published.

In the meantime, we wanted to share 10 amazing facts about the new luxury flagship saloon, focusing on cutting edge technology, craftsmanship and luxury.

1. The Lexus LS has the World’s most advanced climate system, the Lexus Climate Concierge. This integrated system automatically adjusts cabin, seat and steering wheel temperatures in concert. Additionally, infrared sensors track the body temperature of your rear seat passengers, adjusting air conditioning and seat heating/cooling accordingly.

The LS also uses the award-winning Lexus Nanoe air conditioning already seen on the Lexus GS, which purifies the air to eliminate smells, while deodorising seats and the roof lining.

2. It’s got lighting fit for a Hollywood blockbuster. New Lexus LS features the world’s first Advanced Illumination System (AIS), which co-ordinates the soft white interior lights and instrument panel LEDs according to vehicle use and driving scenarios.

3. Lexus LS provides high-definition entertainment. The LS 600h L Premier model includes a Blu Ray, DVD and CD player system with a 9-inch screen as standard for rear seat passengers.

4. LS is an audiophile’s dream. The 19-speaker Mark Levinson surround sound system, developed through 2,000 hours of lab an on-road testing, boasts a total output of 450 Watts – providing the ultimate in power and reference-quality clarity.

5. It’s a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The new Lexus LS introduces a new Shimamoku steering wheel, which is made from very thin layers of black and grey striped wood. Making it involves 67 manufacturing steps and 38 days’ work in total.

Watch a video about the Shimamoku steering wheel production process here.

6. You’ll have all the time in the world, anywhere in the world. The precision-machined aluminium analogue clock mounted in the dashboard has a GPS time-correction function.

7.  Thanks to laser technology, the new Lexus LS is the quietest car in its class. On top of improved sound insulation and aerodynamics, LS is built using a laser screw welding technique that enables panels to fit together absolutely perfectly, increasing rigidity and allowing near-silent running, even at motorway speeds.

8. LS offers peerless comfort. The long wheelbase LS 600h L Premier is fitted with two ottoman-style full leather rear seats that can recline to 45 degrees, while the left-hand rear seat offers an air-assisted massage function. This uses eight pneumatic chambers to reproduce professional massage techniques including shiatsu and acupressure.

9. Small changes add up to class-leading aerodynamics. New LS has a drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.26, thanks to tiny stabilising fins on the base of the door mirrors, the side of the rear lamp clusters and on the underbody panels that improve downforce and traction.

10. It can see in the dark. The Advanced Obstacle Detection System uses radar, infra-red projectors and a stereo camera and can assess the likelihood of a collision based on the position, speed and trajectory of a pedestrian or object, day or night, to help the driver avoid collisions or mitigate the consequences of an impact.

For more information about all LS models take a look at out Most Read Stories panel on the right or go to the Lexus website.


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